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Grammy-Nominated. Multi-Platinum Recording Artist.

International Music Ambassador. Music Lifestyle Influencer.

CHAMPAIGN PAULI CARMAN: Legendary voice behind "HOW 'BOUT US" & hip-hop anthem "PUSH IT" Lyrics

Here's Pauli...turnaround...I can't believe this....what's a nice young man from Illinois doing in an outfit like that...

Dick Clark, American Bandstand





Pauli Carman is a grammy nominated, multi-platinum recording artist, and lead vocalist of the group Champaign and formerly of Coalkitchen. (How 'Bout Us, Try Again, Off and On Love, many more). All the Champaign hits were preceded by classic music videos reaching top 5 status across the charts on MTV, Vh1, and BET. Pauli has also appeared on such hit tv shows as Soul Train, Solid Gold, and American Bandstand. Keep On Pushin' is a track that was recorded in 1977 for Full Moon / Epic by central Illinois based local band Coalkitchen, where lead singer Pauli Carman sang the famous whispered lyrics in the grammy nominated hip hop anthem "Push it" from the female hip hop duo - Salt-N-Pepa in 1987. It is not a well-known or public knowledge that Pauli Carman is in fact the sampled whisper behind the mega hip hop hit.


Keep On Pushin'  - CoalKitchen (1977)

Believe in me today Remember me tomorrow

Cause time can slip away and leave us both in sorrow

Ain't a day goes by that I can't satisfy

Keep on Pushin'  Aw Keep on Pushin'

Well I got somewhere to go I got alot of work to do

But if by chance I see you when I'm passing through

I'll make it good to you baby,  make it good to you girl

Make it good to you baby,  I'll make it good to you girl

Cause ain't a day goes by that I can't satisfy

And keep on pushin'   keep on pushin'

I got a feelin' in my soul ya'll that I just can't keep under control

Make it good to you baby,   make it good to you girl

Make it good to you baby,  make it good to you girl, dig

Cause ain't a day goes by that I can't satisfy

And keep on pushin'  aw keep on pushin'

Hey got to keep on

Well I got somewhere to go I got alot of work to do

But if by chance I see you when I'm passing through

I'll make it good to you baby,  make it good to you girl

Make it good to you baby,  I'll make it good to you girl

Cause ain't a day goes by that I can't satisfy

And keep on pushin'   keep on pushin'

Hey got to keep on, keep on pushin' keep pushin' for your love


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Ah, push it

Ah, push it

Ooh, baby, baby, baby, baby

Ooh, baby, baby, ba-baby, baby

Get up on this

Ah, push it

Ah, push it

Ah, push it

Get up on this

Ah, push it

Get up on this

Ow! Baby!

Salt-N-Pepa's here

Salt, Salt-Salt, Salt-N-Pepa's here

Salt-Salt-Salt-Salt, Salt-n-Pepa's here

Salt-n-Pepa, Salt-n-Pepa, Salt-n-Pepa's here

Salt-Salt-Salt, Salt-n-Pepa's here

Now, now, now, wait a minute y'all

This dance ain't for everybody

Only the sexy people

So all you fly mother's, get on out there and dance

Dance, I said

Salt-n-Pepa's here, and we're in effect

Want you to push it back

Cooling by day, then at night, working up a sweat

C'mon girls, let's go show the guys that we know

How to become number one in a hot party show

Now push it

push it good

(Ah, push it) push it real good

(Ah, push it) push it good

(Ah, push it) p-push it real good


Push it good

Ooh, baby, baby, baby, baby

Ooh, baby, baby, ba-baby, baby

Push it good

Push it real good

Ah, push it

Ah, push it

Yo, yo, yo, yo, baby-pop

Yeah, you! Come here, gimme a kiss

Better make it fast or else I'm gonna get pissed

Can't you hear the music pumping hard? Like I wish you would

Now push it

Push it good

Push it real good

Push it good

P-push it real good

Ah, push it

Get up on this

(Uh) get up on this

(Uh, uh) get up on this

(Ha) get up on this

(Hit it)

Boy, you really got me going

You got me so

I don't know what I'm doing

Ah, push it

Ah, push it

Boy, you really got me going

You got me so

I don't know what I'm doing

Ah, push it

Ah, push it


Ah, push it

Push-push-push-push it, push it

Push it

Push, push, push, push it, push it

Push it, push it

Push it, push it, pushit

Push it, push it

Push it, push it, push it

Songwriters: Ray Davies / Herby E Azor

Source Reference: Musixmatch

Salt-N-Pepa - Push it Lyrics Wiki

Salt-Nepa's Push It - International Hip Hop Success 1987 

Salt-N-Pepa’s "Push It” was a hit dance tune that rose in popularity during its less-censored period due to its strong sensual innuendos. They were the Grammy Award-winning group of hip hop artists that have sold more than 1,000,000 copies of Push It.

History of The Song

It was the first time that "Push It," the original song, was made available as a B-side on the "Tramp" 12" single in 1987. Cameron Paul, San Francisco's DJ and producer of 7", released the corresponding single. The radio version was the one that brought the group their first mainstream hit. It was a Billboard Top 40 hit the week beginning December 26, 1987.

The single reached its peak position at number 19 by the end of the week, on February 20, 1988. As the UK's most-charting hit, it also ranks alongside "Let's Talk About Sex", both of which reached their peak in that country at number 2.

In 1986, Salt N-Pepa thought they were singing "Posh it, real Good" when in fact, they had actually been performing "Pow-y, really good", and the police waited to see them again after the show. They were required to provide the lyrics in writing to prove they were right.

The song uses a line taken from "You Really Got Me” by The Kinks. The words are replaced with the "boy" part of "Boy" and reads: "Boys, you really got my going/You got me so that I don't understand what I'm doing." Ray Davies got a songwriting credits for the song "Push It".

It also features "Pick Up on This" from James Brown's album, "I'm a Greedy Man", as well "There It Is", by James Brown. Coal Kitchen's 1977 record "Keep on Pushin," which features the whispered word "Pushit", is used as a sampling. This song is in the key minor of A.

Push It's nomination for a Grammy Award was a strong one. It catapulted Hot, Cool and Vicious back to platinum, with one-million copies. Salt-N-Pepa has become the first female rap collective or solo act to attain gold and/or platinum. This album was ultimately sold to 1.3 Million copies across the globe.

In 2009, Glee covered the song in its first season. It was sung on "Showmance", by Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), Finn Hudson ("Cory Monteith"), Artie Abrams (“Kevin McHale”) and other glee club members.

Chuck Versus Chuck, season 4, episode 4 (2011) featured this song. Ellie Bartowski, Sarah Lancaster's Ellie Bartowski portrays Ellie Bartowski as Clara Woodcomb. This scene shows Lester Patel performing the song with Jeffrey Barnes (played respectively by Scott Krinsky & Vik Sahay), while Jeffrey Barnes (played in the scene by Scott Krinsky) plays Jeffrey Barnes. Both of them sing the song while they are dressed in Salt-N-Pepa jackets.

The 2014 commercial featured the song with a feature cameo by Salt-N-Pepa. It was part of the "It’s What You Do” campaign.

The Big Bang Theory has used the song twice. In 2016, the song appeared on a season 9 episode. It featured Raj Koothrappali's character Leonard Hofstadter singing the song. Kunal Nayyar, Kunal Galecki, and Raj Koothrappali performing it at a party. This song was heard in 2018 episode 4, "Deutschland 86", when a griller listens while listening to it.

The theme song from the song was played on ABC U.S. television game show Supermarket Swap in 2020 hosted by Leslie Jones.

The Grammy Award-winning hiphop group, they sold more than 1,000,000 copies of Push It.

Push It" has become a classic in rap music history. It was also the first song to be released by female artists. It's obvious that everyone knows what this song means. It's about intimacy. In fact it's one of the first pop songs to extol bedroom fun, in the relatively pure 1980's.

Salt-N-Pepa views the song in a different way. They consider it a dance track. Sandra Denton from Pepa stated "it's just about having fun on the dance floor". This is supported by both the instrumental part and lyrics.

Some lyrics are ambiguous, though, and it is apparent that this was done intentionally. This can be seen to indicate that the rappers don't want to stop talking about having fun on the dance floor. You can see the track as encouraging intimacy between partners, because the repeated word "push IT" in the song is displayed throughout.

Salt-N-Pepa intended this track to be perceived as a song, and the video for it - which, again, was quite-risque in 1980s fashion - didn't really help.

It can be concluded that Push It "is a dance song with sensual nuendos. Salt-N–Pepa also embraced the understanding as they were able to achieve greatness.

The Oxford Handbook of Music and Advertising

edited by James Deaville, Siu-Lan Tan, Ron Rodman

The Origin of PUSH IT (Click Here To Read)


Pauli Carman(vocals), Rena Jones(vocals), Michael Day(keyboard/guitar), Dana Walden (keyboards), Rocky Maffit (percussion/drums), Michael Reed (bass), Leon Reeder (guitar) formed the septet.

Their 1981 debut album "How 'Bout Us" was a huge hit, with the title track reaching number 1 The UK Singles Chart ranked 5 and number 5 in the UK Singles Chart, number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The release of Modern Heart in 1983, Reed's second album with the band, saw Reed leave the group. Reed had left the group by the release of Modern Heart, their second album. It hit number 23 on the Hot 100. 1984's Woman in Flames was a follow-up and featured the Top 10 R&B hit "Off and On Love". "Party People", and "Walkin'" are notable tracks.

In 1986, Carman's first solo album "Dial My Number" was released. The title song became an R&B smash. The following year, he released "It's Time," his second solo album.

Champaign, which included Carman, regrouped to record in 1990. The Champaign IV album came out the year after. In addition to Carman, the album featured contributions/production from Rena and Michael Day, Dana Walden, and Rocky Maffit. The single "Trials of the Heart" was a short return to the US R&B charts.

A greatest hits compilation album featuring most of the band's songs was released in 2003. However, several tracks (most notably "Try Again") were not included.

Pauli Carman was the only original member & leader singer of the group in 2008. The 2008 release of the Carma album featured original songs, a remake by The Beatles "And I Love Her", and the Stevie Wonder song "I Love, I Love". 2010 saw the release of Get Back 2 Love, which included a remastering of "How 'Bout Us". Champaign's most popular hits were referenced in the title song "Get Back 2 Love".

In the same year, "Mercy", a remake of Marvin Gaye's "Mercy Mercy Me", was released. The single was released to bring attention to help those who were affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spillage.

Carman created The Pauli Carman Show, an online television show pilot.

The single "Share", was released in 2011. 2013 saw the release of Love Kind, the album on CD. Pauli Carman received the National R&B Music Society Unsung Hero Award on September 15, 2013.

Pauli Carman's passion has always been music. He believes in the power of music that can heal oneself and the world - it is his life long dream to empower all people with music. He has reached a stage in his life where music is not his only source of healing and fame. Carman is looking forward to moving into new creative endeavors from film, television, fashion and food.

Carman's Interview:

"My best memory of Champaign's original group was when we were at Madison Square Garden, New York. Champaign and I were reunited in 1990 to record Champaign IV, which was released in 1991. Champaign also released a compilation of his greatest hits in 2003. Champaign released a compilation of greatest-hits albums in 2003. I returned from the Philippines where I was at that time living to record them and perform at Champaign’s last concert at Virginia Theatre."

"In 1989, I moved to the Philippines with an Ohio band to work and live. Champaign and Pauli Carman shared the bill. Our tour of Asia was extensive, and we also appeared on "Sabado," a Filipino television series, for nearly a year singing Champaign songs."

"My first thing every morning is to pray, have one cup of coffee and then do an hour's worth of cardio. After that, I shower and cool off."







Grammy-Nominated Multi-Platinum Recording Artist. International Music Ambassador. Music Lifestyle Influencer.

Pauli Carman

From the music charts, television shows and performing in notable music venues, Pauli Carman is using his legendary voice in a big way to bring awareness to important causes and unite people around the world through his love for music.

With his new roles as a music ambassador and music lifestyle influencer, Carman is looking forward to placing music in the hearts of everyone as a mechanism for healing, peace and love. He is using music to connect across divided borders, despite language barriers and international conflicts. His work in music activism continues to tear down walls and build up people for a brighter future.




Salt-N-Pepa's "PUSH IT" Featuring "HOW 'BOUT US" Champaign Lead Singer Pauli Carman

  • Voice Commemorated 45 Years After Debut

  • Story Behind The Most Recognizable Sample

  • The Band. The Myth. The Legend. What's Next.

January 18, 2022 - Las Vegas, NV.  In an effort to commemorate the beautiful works of a legendary vocalist and original writers of the song, Keep On Pushin’, Johnie Tidwell Media has released a cinematic adaptation for the song. Keep On Pushin', originally composed by songwriters Pauli Carman and Rob Newhouse, is a b-side track by the funk-rock-n-soul band CoalKitchen recorded in 1977 for Full Moon/Epic. With its breathy lyrics, low bass licks, funky horns and echoed drum riffs, the creators of the song had never been given full recognition for its accomplishments until now, forty-five years after its debut. Johnie Tidwell Media is set to bring back to us, in all its funkiness and originality, a short film compiled with video footage from talented cinematographers/videographers from around the world for the song, Keep On Pushin’.

Pauli Carman, a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum recording artist, and lead vocalist of the r&b soul group Champaign and formerly of CoalKitchen, sings the lead vocal for the song Keep On Pushin’. He is also the lead vocalist on chart topping hits How 'Bout Us, Try Again, Off and On Love and Dial My Number. Carman has appeared on various TV shows, including, Soul Train, Solid Gold, and American Bandstand. Ten years after Keep On Pushin' was recorded, the soulful legendary voice of Pauli Carman was catapulted into the dance club & hip-hop music scene by way of music sampling and became one of the most recognizable loop samples in hip-hop history. During the recording of the song, the How ‘Bout Us crooner sang the famous lyrics, “Ah, push it,” which were whispered throughout the entire Grammy-nominated hip-hop anthem “Push it” from female hip-hop duo - Salt-N-Pepa in 1987. However, it is not public knowledge nor a well-known fact that the sampled whisper behind the international mega hit was indeed from the one and only balladeer, Pauli Carman.

As the entry of the track (Keep On Pushin’) itself says;

Believe in me today Remember me tomorrow

Cause time can slip away and leave us both in sorrow

Johnie Tidwell Media is operating on the basis that “We must remember the creative works of the writers and recording artist and attempt to give as much accolades as well as honor and recognize Pauli Carman and Rob Newhouse’s contribution as the original creators of Keep On Pushin’.” More information about the release of the cinematic adaptation short film can be accessed on pushitlyrics.com.

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